Basic Messages that make your letter powerful

Author: Jan Freed
Last updated: Nov. 10, 2019, 9:30 a.m.

1. Carbon pricing/climate action is good for the climate AND it is good for economy  Fight the EITHER/OR “economy OR environment” myth.

There are several CFAD’s in the House, and we like HR763 for example, that recycles revenue as a rebate or dividend to Americans.  

With HR763 market incentives lower emissions 90% by 2050 and millions of new careers are created.  2/3 of Americas would be protected from higher costs, some even would see ‘a profit’.

2. Yes, there IS a strong scientific consensus (more than 97% of scientists concur) : only 13% of Americans understand this. Yet many studies confirm it. It is the single most persuasive factoid out there: 97%!

3. Congress CAN do something about it. The Climate Solutions Caucus is growing (and a similar one in the Senate).  One reason we write is to persuade voters to put climate warriors into Congress.

4. Hopelessness may be the biggest obstacle we face (from recent polls). It’s as useless as denial.

But, 1.5  C degrees is better than 2 degrees, which is FAR better than 3 or 4 degrees (game over).  “If we win too slowly we lose” (Bill McKibben), so let’s pick up the pace.

5. CFAD is a bipartisan solution; e.g. the conservative Climate Leadership Council has proposed a revenue neutral, market based, small government solution:  We can have it both ways: Liberal AND conservative. Once a law, and the dividend is in our pockets, no one can take it away politically.

6. The complaint we often hear is “O, yeah, taxes!? No way!”  This is a misunderstanding of CFAD. Remember, all fees are returned to our mailboxes.

7. In every state, majorities of Americans support the Paris Accords