Writer’s Block?

Author: Jan Freed
Last updated: Nov. 10, 2019, 9:24 a.m.

Here are some easy guidelines:

1. Stick to the word limit

2. Refer to the article you are responding to or put the name of the article in the subject

3. Then indicate how it relates to the problem of climate change.  I like facts that speak of urgency.

4. Describe the remedy: limit carbon! CFAD has proven to be effective.

5. Make a call to action: ask them to contact their congressman, to vote, etc.

6. Then close out your LTE:  for example you can tie it back to that beginning so that you have completed a circle.  This reminds readers of your main point.

7. Bird dog the “letters” section for a week or Google (‘your name letter to editor)

8. Send me your letter when you write it. Be sure to tell me if you are published, so I can make a Field Report to national HQ

9. Optional:  Send it to your own FB page and to your MOC’s FB or Twitter.

​Note: Avoid using hot button phrases or language that would turn off a large portion of your readers (what is your reaction when a writer used the term ‘alarmist’ for example). We want to share the solution to as many as possible.