Steps to writing

Author: Jan Freed
Last updated: Nov. 10, 2019, 9:30 a.m.

Practice using the “accordion” : write three main points, then “expand”

Let’s take a simple example.

Two examples: a.  let’s say you want to write on “Why is climate change harmful?”

Select three related topics. For example you could choose..

a. sea level rise
b. drought
c. floods

Then, expand a, b, and c. Like an accordion, expand your a, b, and c.

a. is sea level rise

A1. It will destroy many cities
A2. It will cover beaches
A3. It will displace millions of people

b. is droughts

B1: Frequency of drought increasing
B2: Crops will die
B3: Forests burn more often, more fiercely

How would you expand it for c. floods?


Remember: If you write an LTE send me a copy, so I can have a record.  I will also help you search the Letters column for a few days to see if you get in.