FEB 15

Pasadena CCL Chapter in Black History Parade & Festival

Sat Feb 15 5:23 p.m.
Starting in 3 weeks, 4 days


Join us Saturday, February 15 as Citizens’ Climate Lobby showcases the fight against the effects of climate change in the 38th annual Black History Parade and Festival in Pasadena!  Let’s make the subject of climate change, which people have trouble talking about, very visible, and let’s make Citizens’ Climate Lobby become more of a presence in the Black community!  This event does NOT interfere with our Saturday Chapter meeting (Feb. 8) or with the CCL Southern California Conference at Cal State LA (Feb. 22-23). 

The Parade features lots of children, music, drill teams, horses, classic cars, political dignitaries (for example, local congresswoman, Judy Chu), a few celebrities, and more, so the atmosphere is festive and fun.  A chance to get outdoors, get some exercise, enjoy our time together, meet some new people and do some good!   If we can field a sizable group of people to march, we attract more attention.  We want folks of all ages and all colors out in the streets- strollers, wagons, bikes.  We’ll hand out flyers and sometimes even have a chance to engage parade viewers in conversation.      

Join us in the next 5 weeks to help plan our entry, which will feature a Nissan Leaf, a couple of CCL banners, and we’re working on bringing some locally produced art into the picture as well.  We’re still putting this together, and we need some creative, talented people to join us. 

We need to show up at 9:30, at the line-up area above Metropolitan Baptist Church at 2283 N. Fair Oaks Avenue (one block north of Woodbury Road) in Altadena, the beginning of the parade.  Contact Rex Mayreis if you plan to participate and for more information.  If you have a CCL shirt or sign, wear it, bring it!  We’re thinking of having some folks carrying inflatable globes of planet earth, to help drive home the idea that we want to protect our one and only planet.  The route follows Fair Oaks down to the Jackie Robinson Park, a bit over a mile and a half.  The course is slightly downhill and it will be across the finish line before noon.  We will try to arrange a vehicle near Jackie Robinson Park to carries folks back to their vehicles, or they can walk.       

And just as the full parade ends, around noon, The Black History Festival begins, and we will have a table and be able to tell people about Citizens Climate Lobby, fill out cards for their congress person, and perhaps join our chapter.  Some good old-fashioned tabling.  We’ll have shifts between 11:30 AM and 4:00 PM.  Sign up for a spot.  If questions, contact Rex Mayreis