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Nov. 28, 2018

Bipartisan Carbon Pricing Bill Introduced!

Policy solution!

Extended webinar explaining the bill

As many of you have seen, the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act has been introduced in the House! While the bill may not be perfect, this is a great start. Please take a look at it and consider actively supporting it, by sharing on social media, writing or emailing your representative, and just talking about it with others. If you saw the recent National Climate Assessment it should be clear that we need to act NOW. There are effective bi-partisan climate change solutions!

Representative Offices

Location Summary
Adam Schiff, Burbank Office 245 E. Olive Avenue, #200 ...
Adam Schiff, Hollywood Office 5500 Hollywood Blvd, Suite ...
Jimmy Gomez, LA Office 350 S. Bixel Street, #120 ...
Judy Chu, Claremont Office Only Open on Tuesdays & Thu...
Judy Chu, Pasadena Office 527 S. Lake Ave Suite 106 ...